For the past few years, David has been Skyping with a class at Moses Brown School in Providence, RI. First the students would watch a short profile of him produced by CNN, and then David would answer questions online. Two of the girls were so inspired by David, that they organized a lemonade stand and raised $600 so he and Marlena could visit them in person.

The commitment of these girls made a powerful impact on David and Marlena. They realized the time had come to create a video of their live Love At Second Sight presentation, so their message could reach more classrooms and touch more students lives. And the Love At Second Sight video project was born.

David and Marlena have performed Love At Second Sight for sixth-graders at Mill Valley Middle School (MVMS) in California every fall for the past 15 years. When the time came to create a video of the presentation, their strong relationship with MVMS and other local connections made it the obvious choice as a location. 

“David and Marlena have been an integral part of our students’ character education and social/emotional learning for over 15 years. The gift they give our students is invaluable.”
                                                    - Laura Myers, Dean of Students, Mill Valley Middle School

UPDATE FROM DAVID AND MARLENA: On November 17, 2015 we traveled to Providence to visit the students at Moses Brown. In the spring, two lovely young ladies raised money to bring David in to speak! We loved the thoughtful introduction they gave us, read it below!

"David told us that the first look, you might feel scared because he looks different. In the beginning we were really interested in his face but then when we got to know him we didn't even notice it. So, the second look is what really counts." Lily and Kylie 

"I'm excited that David is coming because it's important for people to know that it doesn't matter how a person looks. It matters who they are." Lily P

"Even though there is something that makes life more difficult for you, you try to achieve your goals just like we do. It doesn't stop you." Kylie E