Love At Second Sight is an educational video that transforms attitudes about appearance and encourages students to accept themselves and others. It's about difference and belonging, judgment and inclusion.

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Facially different David Roche and his lovely wife Marlena Blavin share their stories with a spellbound middle-school audience. As they explore themes of self-acceptance (David finds his inner beauty) and accepting others (Marlena moves from revulsion to friendship), the students’ reactions move from discomfort and stunned silence to laughter, delight and engagement. From their faces and feedback, it is clear that their perceptions have quickly shifted as they are encouraged to take that vital second look. 

David and Marlena have presented Love At Second Sight live more than one hundred times in schools (to grades 6-12). Thanks to the generous support of more than 300 donors in our successful Kickstarter campaign, the 24-minute video is complete.

We are delighted to make this video freely available to teachers and families.


“Whenever I’m frightened I think of your courage and it helps me do the challenges.”

“When you both were talking it made me want to cry thank you so much now I promise I will always take a second look.”

“Your talk was inspiring because sometimes I have ugly days and I can just remember the both of you.”

“Thank you for coming to our school. You have given me a boost of confidence.”


“You changed me and my point of view towards people and their differences. Today you taught me that it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, but it’s what is on the inside that counts.”

"Oh and to tell the honest truth I think that your face was pretty cool. In a good way, of course. "

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“We’ve had dozens of speakers here over the years, but none have sparked such overwhelmingly powerful responses from our students as did David and Marlena. Their message is joyous and uplifting - our kids (and faculty) loved them.”
          Blair Fisher, Dean of Students
          Middle School
          The Walker School
          Marietta, GA

 “I have heard so many students talking about your presentations. We had wonderful homeroom discussions! Students were clear on your messages and saw how to relate it to their own lives.” 
          Linda Sheppard, Principal
          Miller Creek Middle School
          San Rafael, CA

“With humor and sensitivity, David and Marlena show us all how to live our lives dealing with those things that make us each feel different or ‘less than.’ I wish I could mandate this performance for everyone. It is that inspiring and important.”
          Lisa Pavlovsky, Director
          Beyond Borders
          Diversity Program
          Marin Country Day School
          Corte Madera, CA